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Difficulty Factor Easy
Cooking time after preparation 5 minutes
Serves 4
  Sabayon sauce

Sabayon Sauce can be used for Dessert dishes or a savory version can be made and served over Seafood, Vegetables and Meat.

Very popular served over Berries or soft fruit

.4 Egg Yolks
1 glass white wine - Semillon / Sauvignon blanc have proved good for making sauces, they are of course very good to drink as well!
25Gms Castor sugar

for different flavors one of the following:

2 Seeds and juice of 2 Passionfruit
50ml Raspberry coulis
50ml Mango coulis


Whisk all the ingredients in a bowl over a simmering pan of water until the Sabayon starts to become thicker and creamier taking care not to allow the mix to scramble. - If the Egg mix starts to become lumpy and sticks to the side of the bowl rather than looking light and fluffy the pan of water is too hot and can result in the Sabayon being ruined! Remove from heat and whisk plenty of air into it, turn the heat down for the pan and continue.

When the Sabayon sauce is thick and creamy pour it over the fruit of your choice and brown under the grill or with a gas torch.


Garnish with picked Mint leaves and dust with icing sugar

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